About us

Salon of Photography Čakovec was created with a clear goal – to popularize good photography, to help it escape out of mediocrity and stand out in the crowded media landscape and in human consciousness. The basic criterion is that a good photograph must display an original idea while the artistic elements and technical quality, although also very important, are in the background. Because, what is a beautiful photograph without an idea behind it? Merely a brief visual experience that quickly vanishes from the memory of the beholder. On the other hand, a good photograph motivates, reminds us, emotionally encourages, inspires, reexamines, stays remembered. As a result, selecting the main theme of this year’s Salon (and one the Salon will hopefully keep as a constant theme in the future), an open theme collection, was certainly not coincidental. The task is clear, yet not simple: to present an idea through a series of related photos.

The Salon’s first incarnation was born in November 2011. Although then it was a national salon, the response from artists from all over the county was beyond all expectations: 157 authors presented their creativity and talent with over 1400 works. (See Catalogue) Our desire, striving, and task is to help the Salon evolve into an international tradition, recognizable by a strict, but fair selection, equally representing all generations of authors, regardless of the style and photographic techniques. On the other hand, it is imperative that the Salon’s quality of jury, selection and presentation remains unquestionable and incontestable. This year’s jury members come from three different countries, and each of them has many years of experience in the evaluation of works at international competitions. To make the competition fair, members of the FOTOGRAFIJA Association and anyone associated with the organization of this event is not able to participate. The crown of the event, the exhibition of the Salon will be held in the gallery of the Museum of Međimurje, in the center of Čakovec, and we believe this will be a truly memorable experience for all visitors.